piatok 19. februára 2016

Ayve gotta survur, yay!

A month ago, a relative of mine told me, that they will throw out their server, because it became obsolete. I told him, what if you will donate it to me. So this is how I got a server for completely free. True, it is obsolete, one of the HDD-s are faulty (which I don't know yet which one, but I know, it's not the primary disk, where the windows will be installed), but on the other hand, it is, by no means and measure, excuse my language, a shitty computer.

A quick rundown what lies in the case:
In fact, this is a HP ProLiant ML310 G5 (at least I think that's 5th gen) server.
So I suppose,  there surely are exciting times ahead, as I want to create my own, personal, private cloud with azure pack. I want also to document the process of installing/setting up, so bear (or cat, if that's your preference) with me!

nedeľa 27. decembra 2015

Amazing Web Experiments

Despite I'm not quite fond of WebGL or any web technologies (I'm more of a native guy), I was stunned by this experiment. It's part of a "Christmas Experiments" project which you can view here. Let's hope next year I can contribute to this nice experiment as well, if I finally give OpenGL (the web one) a little bit of love. Until then, only desktop visualizations will be done, hence I'm starting to work slowly on my custom rendering framework, but more about that topic later in an other post.

utorok 22. decembra 2015

Graphics resources, YAY!

So, today a friend of mine sent me this beautiful collection of various GFX topics. Kudos goes AbstractAlgorithm guy from github.
Graphics resources

What got me the most is the Forward+ shading pipeline, since I've heard a lot about it, and possibly I will implement that pipeline to my demoscene framework, and well, the "Graphics of Fallout 4" since I'm quite a fan of the series. :)