piatok 19. februára 2016

Ayve gotta survur, yay!

A month ago, a relative of mine told me, that they will throw out their server, because it became obsolete. I told him, what if you will donate it to me. So this is how I got a server for completely free. True, it is obsolete, one of the HDD-s are faulty (which I don't know yet which one, but I know, it's not the primary disk, where the windows will be installed), but on the other hand, it is, by no means and measure, excuse my language, a shitty computer.

A quick rundown what lies in the case:
In fact, this is a HP ProLiant ML310 G5 (at least I think that's 5th gen) server.
So I suppose,  there surely are exciting times ahead, as I want to create my own, personal, private cloud with azure pack. I want also to document the process of installing/setting up, so bear (or cat, if that's your preference) with me!